Website for a law office

While working on changing the website appearance for the notary office, Łukasz Górski Joanna Maniszewska-Ejsmont Notaries Partnership, we faced an interesting issue. The customer decided to change the overall company image. Therefore, we created the following from scratch:
  • Company's logotype
  • Design of business cards
  • Project of the website
  • Project of company's folders
This complex approach improves and simplifies our work, while the achieved end result is coherent both in terms of the online image and company's paper materials.
  • Joanna Maniszewska-Ejsmont
  • December 2015
  • HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, PHP, PostgeSQL, RWD


The main obstacle on this project was the fact that Polish law prohibits notaries' overt advertising. Having this in mind, we designed the website that on the one hand, stands out from the competition, on the other, is not an advertisement itself and only contains information about the company and the services they offer.