STOLMEB website

This is an example of a typical business website - in this case, presenting retail and services company - Stolmeb.

Simple and clear layout arrangement of the website enables customers to get familiar with the company's offer faster.
Except for obvious RWD,in this project we focused in particular on simplifying website navigation for its visitors.

It was decided to introduce facilities such as 'breadcrumbs', on the top of the page, or second level menu following a user. This way one can immediately know where on the website they currently are and have easy access to all subpages.

  • Marek Kuś
  • December 2014
  • HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySql, RWD


In view of planned website development and increase amount of pages, applied 'crumbs' will be very helpful in the future. We highly encourage everyone to implement this simple mechanism to simplify browsing of our website.