Krzysztof Lenda

I am passionate about new technologiesand the internet. This is how I would describe myself in one sentence. I believe that thanks to the Internet and online tools, peoples' lives and work can be easier and more productive. Every day we can observe changes that occur in our lives due to new technological solutions. I am of the opinion that every one of us should make use of them.

That is why, for several years, I have been creating different solutions, mainly Internet applications. I have gained my experience i.e. in the Internet banking sector, co-creating many interesting solutions, which involve the latest user's interface programming techniques. Interfaces based on AJAX technology, are one of my favorite and most popular recent solutions. I think that such mechanisms facilitate the usage and functionality of the online applications for the user.

Every day I try to learn more, develop myself, to be able to choose optimal solutions for the project on which I am currently working on. Recently I have been focusing on mobile technologies that involve new possibilities brought by HTML5 standard That is one of the fastest developing domains and also one of those that, as far as I am concerned, already play a significant role in our everyday use of the Internet, and will be even greater.

Skills table

Project coordination

My motto

You have to be determined and self-confident. You have to believe that a man is capable of anything and can achieve it by all means.

Maria Skłodowska-Curie  

My favorite music bands

  1. Tracy Chapman
  2. Happysad
  3. Perfect

My favorite books

  1. The black jewels trilogy
    Anne Bishop
  2. Sukces w relacjach międzyludzkich
    Alex W. Barszczewski
  3. Janusz L. Wiśniewski


  1. Photography
  2. Fishing

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