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In Santri we believe that regardless of the situation and the problem, it's beneficial to talk with everyone..

After contacting us you most certainly get a reply and further advice. Feel free to send us an email at the address given in the footer or use the contact form.

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Have you message us and not received a reply yet?

This means that either we have not yet prepared the answer, or ... one of the team members is about to explain themselves to our boss ;)

Don't worry - sometimes we need time to think too. After all,is not about quantity but about quality, right?

Santri - address

  • street: Korotyńskiego 17/28
    02-123 Warszawa
  • 22 308-80-68
  • +48 534 639 553

  • NIP: 657-17-48-516
  • Regon: 142993790