Login passwords. This is a difficult subject, disliked by a large amount of the Internet users. Meanwhile, the effects of cracking passwords can be disastrous for all of us. That is why it's so important to use passwords having correct length, with appropriate structure and complexity.
It already sounds complicated, right? Don't worry. I'll show you how to easily create a password that will be complicated, and at the same time easy to remember :)

What kind of password is good and what is bad?

A good login password should meet the following criteria:

  • Be sufficiently long (min. 10 characters)
  • Be complex
  • Cannot be a dictionary word
  • Must contain special characters
  • Must be changed every 1-3 months

In addition it has to be easy to remember :)

Examples of strong passwords

  • WeHa2WoKiThWeLo**
  • DwPl1RoTrcoJePr#@!
  • Kldrobmodoma5gadozi

Examples of weak passwords

  • Annn85
  • Pansy12
  • qwerty

How can I remember following password: WeHa2WoKiThWeLo**?

I would say more. Not only remember but also change it next month for DwPl1RoTrcoJePr#@!, and later for Kldrobmodoma5gadozi and so on... every month :)

The problem of remembering complex passwords such as:


is a problem resulting from the functionality of our brains. Brains of 99.999999% of our population do not tolerate and are not able to remember illogical strings of characters. But we easily memorize characters arranged in a logical sense and understandable messages for us.

Did you know?

That you have just "learned and memorized" a password: Brof99%ofoupodonotoandarnoabtoreilstofch

Does it sound unreal? Add to that the string of characters a bit of logic and everything will become clear. Read the second sentence of the above paragraph again, which starts with "Brains of...?" From each word you get first two letters, for conjunctions take a whole word and create an unbelievable password :)

It is easier to remember this way, even with such a long sentences, than illogical string of characters.

Let's come back to WeHa2WoKiThWeLo**

In order to create this complicated password I use one logical sentence and three logical rules.

First -- from each word I take the first 2 letters

Secondly -- I change numbers into digits

Finally I use capital letters for the first letter of each word

What is my secret sentence?


















Two stars at the end demonstrate our two children :)

What do we gain?

Logical rules

Known only by you.

Logical sentence

That is easy to remember.

Easy change

Do you need to change your password? No problem.

How secure is my password?

Well. The password mentioned above:

  • Consist of 17 characters
  • Which create 77 possible combinations of characters
  • Which gives 1054 different passwords
  • Breaking of this password would take today's computers 931 trillion years

I feel pretty safe, especially that I am changing my password monthly :).

Check how strong your password is:


Come up with a secret sentence for this month and enjoy the safety of your data.

Golden rules

  • Never use names or common words as passwords, even with the additional numbers. Password Michael1976 is not safe :) :)
  • Never save your passwords on a computer or write them down on a piece of paper! Just as you do not save the pin code on your ATM card.
  • Do you have lots of programs and different passwords to remember? Use secure facilities such as: https://lastpass.com/
  • Change your password at least every 3 months.