Rules of cooperation with our customers

This page describes the principles of cooperation with our customers. We aim to continuously improve the quality of our customer service. The following principles are based on the experience gained during the implementation of numerous projects.

We kindly encourage companies and individuals wishing to cooperate with us to read the following rules. Applying described guidelines, ensures efficient and fast implementation of projects.

Michael Stachura, the owner.
Last updated: 16.10.2017

Genaral rules

  1. Entire communication with the Customer remains confidential. Number of coworkers having access to the project's details is limited to the necessary minimum needed to carry out the assigned tasks.
  2. Upon completion of the project, if the Client does not approve, information about it will not be posted on anywhere else on the Internet neither published in paper materials.
  3. Santri operates in an impartial, objective manner, with special attention to the client's interests.


  1. SUsually two types of contracts are signed by us
    • Contract for the execution of specific works, where outcome subjects to copyrights..
    • Contract for IT support subscription which specifies the number of working hours that the Customer may use monthly and the response time for the submitted application. Acquired services must not go beyond the services offered by Santri.
  2. As a rule, we do not sign contracts in return for shares in the project.
  3. By submitting a project for evaluation, the Customer receives an estimated cost and execution time according to details of the requirements it requires. We distinguish a four-level estimation
    • Estimation L1 - this is a general information about the projected costs and time of project implementation, based on our experience in implementing similar solutions. Pricing in that case is not a valid obligation for both parties in any way. This type of estimation is not used in case of dedicated websites and online applications.
    • Estimation L2 - is an evaluation prepared based on the basic information from the Client about the project, its scope, scale and business requirements. Santri makes every effort to make a fair price estimation. However, in this case some differences between evaluation and initial price may occur
    • Estimation L3 - evaluation based on the business documentation delivered by the Client containing a description of the project. The more detailed the business document is, the more accurate the valuation will be. In this case, any differences between estimated valuation and the final price do not usually exceed 10-40%
    • Estimation L4 - evaluation based on precise project documentation which is preceded by analysis of customer requirements. The estimated valuation in this circumstance is in line with the price given in the final contract.
    Each time a customer submits a project for valuation, they will be informed what kind of estimation they will receive.
  4. If preparation of the evaluation involves a preliminary project analysis and estimation of business requirements (especially for the case described in point 3d), the customer will be informed about the possible related costs.
  5. We do not sign bills of exchange. Moreover contractual penalties cannot exceed the value of work indicated as defective.
  6. Records concerning agreements' confidentiality cannot contain contractual penalties for their violation, only claims on general terms are acceptable..
  7. The schedule of works is obligatory for both parties. In case Santri does not receive the materials indicated as necessary for project implementation, the project's due date may change. Santri will inform the customer about the new deadline after receiving missing materials.
  8. Signed contract automatically implements the works specified in the contract. In case of changes made in the scope of work, the cost and time of implementation may also change.
    • In case of the implementation of web services and applications, the works are carried out based on the project documentation, containing a full description of the operation and appearance of the final product.
    • In case of Website implementations, the works are carried out based on the Brief and the scope of programming works that need to be done by Santri.
    • For graphic works, works are carried out based on the Brief.
  9. Documentation of the Project, Scope of Work and Brief shall serve as a basis for determining whether the complaint filed by the Client is a change of requirements or not.
  10. The basis for payment for performed works is certified delivery of the final product that is in accordance with the contract and lack of complaints filed within the time limit specified in the contract by the customer, not only the recipient's statement about project's acceptance.
  11. For new customers 30% advance payment is required.

Services and online applications

  1. In case of dedicated Websites and online Applications, each project is contracted and has individual features. Each project requires a separate valuation, based on the complexity and risk related to the problem solved by the Service/Application.
  2. The basis for the programming is a documentation of the Service which defines its functionality and screens visualization.
  3. For projects that take longer than one month, ongoing work summary will be provided at the end of each month.
  4. Immediately after installation, the customer receives a free 30 day warranty. After this period it is possible for the Customer to acquire the Service / Application support and further development services based on a separate SLA.
  5. Service / Application testing is to be carried out by Customer or other third party. We distinguish three types of complaints:
    • Error - if there is a discrepancy between the way the Service / Application operates and the documentation.
    • Improvements - for requests concerning new functional features.
    • Inquires - for information requests regarding implemented software solutions.
  6. Errors reported during the test period of the application is solved free of charge.
  7. Software development requested by the Customer is first analyzed and then evaluated. After customer's approval of changes cost, Santri makes changes to the Service or the application
  8. Inquires - can be additionally priced if preparation of the answer will require additional analytical work on Santri side.


  1. The lowest cost of making a simple website (so called online business card) is 2000.00 zł (c.a. 460 EUR) net plus the cost of purchased media. This is the minimum amount that guarantees a well-prepared website that customer will be satisfied with.
  2. In case the customer decides on a website created based on a purchased, ready to use template, Santri will first verify its quality and technical flexibility. It may happen that cost of template modifications will be higher than cost of website layout prepared from scratch, based on PSD files. Prior to beginning of programming work, the Client will be informed of any additional costs associated with work on low quality templates.
  3. Our work on a website starts with determining, together with the Customer, functionality and the purpose of the final website.
  4. Santri works in accordance with the agreed schedule, which specifies estimated deadlines of the project, as well as the dates when the Customer should deliver appropriate materials essential for the contract execution.
  5. The approved scope of functionality is the basis for starting work on the website.
  6. Immediately after installation, the customer receives a free 30-day warranty period. After this period Customer may acquire support and further development services in accordance with the packages available at
    • Our customer support package includes services offered by Santri the company readiness to respond to the query within 24 hours during business days.
    • Unused man-hours, described in the package, do not accumulate for the following months.
  7. It is not necessary to purchase a website support and development package for its proper functioning. However, any changes made to the website in case of the package was not included, involve some additional work on Santri side.
    • Restoration of test version of the website on Santri servers - 300 zł. (c.a. 70 EUR) (The test environment is maintained for 2 months since the last change on the website or indefinitely in case support and development package was purchased.)
    • If the customer has made changes to the website coding on their own, additional valuation is possible and will concern alignment and differences analysis between the production environment and the restored test environment.

Graphic works

  1. Performed graphic works are based on agreements made with the customer and written down in the brief.
  2. Execution of graphic work involves arrangement of ordered materials and preparation of files in the appropriate format described in order specification.
  3. For graphic works intended for printing, the client sends printing templates that specify basic parameters to be followed when preparing the files. Templates don't need to be provided if the customer decides to print out the materials through Santri.
  4. Prepared graphic works are assessed by the Customer. In case they do not meet the Client's expectations, it is possible to have an alternative proposal prepared or to resign from further Santri services.
  5. We do not prepare graphic works within tender competition. Unless the customer will cover preparation costs of such work.
  6. As a general rule, Santri does not give away graphic source files, unless stated otherwise in the contract.
  7. Until receiving payment, the prepared work remains the property of Santri and may not be used by the Customer. In particular, as promotion materials.
  8. Graphic designing is a creative process which requires time and focus to be completed. Time pressure applied by the customer can negatively affect the quality of the outcome. Santri always informs about the work timeframe and pays attention to deadlines.
  9. The customer can also use our services of printing out prepared office and advertising materials. The printouts are performed after deciding on the appropriate printing parameters and paying the pro forma invoice.
  10. In case the customer decides to prepare files for printing by himself, Santri will provide appropriate file templates (jpg, pdf, cdr). Santri does not take responsibility for the quality of the materials prepared by third party graphic designers. Provided PDF files are technically verified before printing. If errors are found, the customer will receive a report to correct them. In particular, Santri does not translate the basic terms used in printing files such as CMYK, DPI, TrimBox etc.