What is an Internet application?

Define your needs and requirements

Only correctly defined needs can assure efficiently built solution.

the budget

Assess profit which new application may bring, decide how much you are ready to invest.

Program the tool

Choose the best solution for the project and create a dedicated application.

Defining your needs

Our favorite type of customer is a person, who can be described as „fire and forget". It is someone who feels the urgent need of solving a problem and does it right away. They think that the best thing would be if they started programming immediately. :) That kind of attitude is quite common).

We understand this and know where it comes from. The desire to deal with the problem as soon as possible, our Polish, vivid imagination and ingenuity are not conducive to reflection on the question: What do I really need?

Learn more: how to understand your needs and explain them to the company working on our project

Assessment of the budget

Budget determination for implementation and construction of selected web applications is crucial from the customers' point of view.

Contrary to popular approach, if the planned budget is a secret, you can use a different attitude and deliver the company, which creates our applications, an estimated budget, foreseen for the project implementation. This gives lots of benefits for both the client and the company programming the application.

Do not worry. We are not craving for the revolution. This approach can also be implemented confidentially :). We encourage you to read our advice how to estimate the project's budget and not to be deceived

Web applications programming

Web applications programming is a task for specialized programming companies. The process itself of constructing the application is complex and involves a variety of resourcesHiring IT specialists only to keep them busy with work related to the application maintenance and development, a while after finishing and implementing the application, does not make sense from a business point of view.

That's how you find companies like Santri on the market, which deal with programming and creating applications to provide other companies. When choosing a contractor, it's a good idea to secure a reputable and pleasant cooperation from the beginning, with the self-assurance that our project is implemented by the relevant class of professionals. Even without having computer knowledge, this can be achieved, choosing the best company for you.
Even if you will not choose Santri :) read our short comprehensive guide: what to look for when choosing an IT company

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