Is Santri the right company?

In response to the question asked in the headline I can obviously answer, "Yes, Santri is the best IT company in the world :)"

But seriously, I dedicated this paragraph to explain why I write on the website of our IT company about how to choose the best IT company.

First of all, you shouldn't assume that Santri is the best IT company for you. Whether it is or not, it is to come out during our cooperation. Here I will present a few things that you should always take under consideration when choosing a company that will later service your website. Note that I am writing aboutIT company". That alone makes us impossible to state for sure: "Yes, we are your best solution." Santri specializes in projects generally associated to the Internet or IT projects. On the one hand, it narrows the circle of our customers. On the other hand, this field is so comprehensive that we safely have enough work until our retirement.

Last but not least, we encourage you to contact us if you are looking for a company that will help you complete Internet or Internet related projects. We also encourage you to compare our company with other businesses on the market.

And now to the point. How to choose the company with which you will accomplish the project in enjoyable way and having partner relationships?

What to pay attention to?

When choosing a software company, you should pay attention to several aspects that can be divided into two main groups.

Soft aspects

  • What is the communication with the company like?
  • Does the company ask for the project details?
  • Does the company promise the delivery date at once?
  • Do they talk to me using understandable language?

Hard aspects

  • Culture of programming
  • Is the documentation of requirements provided?
  • What is the timetable for project implementation?
  • How does testing of a web applications look like?

Below I describe the issues raised above in a more detailed way. It is worth a closer look at these factors when choosing a company.

This is the most important thing you need to pay attention to. We strongly discourage starting cooperation with companies, which already at first glance make you feel that something is not right. Even if you do not know how to name this feeling, trust your intuition. Life is far too short to waste time and work with people that do not appeal to you.

Lack of "chemistry" in communication, is a waste of time and unnecessary stress. Contacts with the company implementing the project should be pleasant to you and not an ordeal. During talks, pay attention if the person is honest with you, involved, and approach you and your project individually or with content.

And the most important thing, if you do not get along, remember that this does not mean that you or the IT company is difficult to work with, or is antisocial. The lack of agreement is merely a signal to look for someone else. After all, sooner or later you will certainly find someone who will speak "your language".

The point is the derivative of the response to the previous question. A good IT company is involved in web application execution (even in the implementation of a simple website) from the very beginning. If you come to the IT company that does not start with a thorough examination of your needs, you can be almost sure that this is not the best company for you. Only proper identification of needs ensures the selection or construction of an appropriate solution.

I will tell you in secret that during negotiations (especially in case of more complex applications), you may find that your initial idea of ​​your needs, it is quite different from what you really need. Notifying customers of their actual business needs is also a task of an IT company.

Unfortunately, you can find lots of informatics fortune-tellers who can, during the first telephone conversation, specify a delivery date. Dear customer, this is partially your fault :). We understand that having an idea to implement, you want to know quickly when it will be finished. But do not expect that based on a single email you will get more concrete answer than the estimated duration of the project plus or minus 50%.

It is also a derivative of the point on communication. Good communication assures that all participants have 100% of understanding. The usage of specialized terms, IT slang is perhaps interesting, but if you really want to talk to someone who describes what they do in non-comprehensible way? Below I've given examples of two sentences stating about the same thing. Both are true, though the first sentence will not be understood by people with no knowledge of web application development.

  • RWD service is integrated with CMS WYSWIG a 'la tinyMce
  • This is service, which automatically adjusts to the computer screen, tablet or phone with an integrated content management system which enables preview modified content before publishing it on the Internet.

It's clear that communication which is understandable to the customer takes more time and requires more writing/speaking.But it is not about speaking in abbreviations but about being understood. We leave the computer slang to use in conversations with IT specialists. With a client we talk "humanely" :)

Methods used by the IT companies determine their quality in a significant way. It's similar to a mechanic workshop. A well maintained shop, loaded with certified specialist with appropriate diagnostic equipment, commands more trust/respect than a small, messy, workshop.

Programming standards apply also in the IT sector. Relating to them is not what IT guys love. The usage of such things like repositories versions of files, proper documentation of code or to maintaining different programming environments on the one hand takes time. On the other hand, in case of any problems, it can save the project and its implementation deadline.

It is worth asking about the rules that are followed in the company in terms of creating and coding applications.

In short, companies which don't provide business analysis and documentation, for projects more complicated than a simple informative website, should be avoided. If a software company states, that to create an application they need only 2-page summary of customer's description, this means that they are really not a software company.

In such cases, they're most likely dealing with telling fortunes with cards or crystal balls.It is impossible to create an application without carrying out a proper analysis before starting to code. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

It is necessary to ask this question to the company you're in contact with. A person, who will coordinate work on your projects, shouldat oncename main issues that will need to be taken care of. If they cannot do that in a clear, concrete way, think twice about your choice. Was it the best option?

There are repetitive cases in each project. In details, schedules may vary, but yet at the beginning you can boldly ask for the key elements of the project. Such things as requirements' analysis, prototyping, programming, testing, etc. are constant and every good IT company knows it. More info about schedules can be found in the section 'How do we work?'

At first, do not expect a detailed schedule, this will be the final result of the stage of gathering your business requirements :)

Testing of web applications should start at the stage of project analysis and documentation. Although it may seem strange, it is exactly as written above. We start testing at the stage of analysis, the first stage of any application construction. Why?

At this very stage you already have the whole picture of application functionality. This is the best moment when you are prepared to write down test scenarios that will be performed at each step of web forms. In a few weeks you will not remember it so well, and then you should look at already written test scenarios to verify the application.

The good test scenario includes a description of performed activity, verified description of the incident and the expected result. Test scenarios are extremely helpful in the programming phase, do not forget about them or ever neglect them.

To finalize, we give you yet another piece of advice. A good company (not just an IT company) is the one that makes sure that relations with each customer are based on the so-called win - win rule. If you feel that the company is not honest with you -- say something. If you cannot change it ... change the company.

Where to search for the best IT company?

This is an excellent question. To make it easier, I'll give you a hint. If you are reading this, you have just found the best one :)

Searching for an IT company, which will help to accomplish your ideas and implement a web application or a website, it's worth firstasking your friends. Recommendation is one of the best methods of finding contractors. Okay, it does not guarantee 100% effectiveness. However, it's one of the best approaches we know, in any field.

We rather advice you to avoid freelancers' associations which negotiate projects giving the lowest prices. We know from experience that these types of communities are mainly oriented on a quick profit basis, and above all, very often not even familiar with win/win relations.


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