What is company image?

The way we're perceived by others, is mainly the result of our actions and the kind of work we do. The fact that we're a reliable company is what matters most to our customers.

Therefore, when you work on your image and your brand, it is a long-term process. If you build a positive opinion about your company on the market, your benefits will be long lasting.

Regardless of whether you already have a good reputation, or you are still working on it, it is imperative to look and act professional in the eyes of your business contacts. Steadfast image of prompt communication via electronic and paper means, will undoubtedly contribute to your great business image.

Why look professional?

Your online brand image visually tells customers about the kind of company you are. An online visual brand is the first impression your potential clients see, when considering and assessing your business. Take a moment and reflect on how your business is currently perceived and what message you communicate to your potential clients.

It is also worth considering what kind of message you want to communicate by the company image on the Internet and elsewhere.

Over the years, concept of image has been somewhat distorted by large corporations. Considering large companies, where entire departments are set aside to deal with corporate image and employ lawyers who monitor brand misuse, it is easy to conclude 'corporate branding' is for large corporations rather than a smaller company like ours. However, reality is quite different.

TThe way we're identified on the market, basically depends on what we present as a company, as well as how we perform.Consistent image used in business communication makes us a more professional and trustworthy entity.

Virtual vs. the real world image

The rule is simple. Today it is impossible to separate virtual image from the real world we live in. The way we present ourselves on the Internet, directly correlates to our online offers, business cards, folders, letterheads and finally our paper documents.

Consistent and professional image assures your customers that they've come to the right place.

It makes you, unique on the market and helps in business relations.

The most common mistakes


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