A definition of 'Informatics'

First, we definitely have to explain this term. Historically, informatics specialists were associated with the 'masters of computers', who dealt with everything that concerned computers. Not so long ago, when we had massive machines (called the mainframes) that made sense. Specially trained staff dealt with computers worth millions of dollars and it was better for all that it used to be this way.

Everything changed with the growth of personal computers' popularity, an increase of their usability, with reduced size and most importantly price. Information technology today is an ocean of knowledge. It is impossible to find people specializing in all its specialties.

Nowadays, it is not only hard to find such people. It is also hard to find companies that offer the whole range of their services. Like mushrooms after the rain, companies specializing in a specific field of computer science are founded. Santri is one of them.

How we can help

We work on various Internet projects, especially those which support business processes in companies. We specialize in creation and coordination of application implementations. Something that you will not hear from us is that we are capable of everything and can help you with everything.

Here is a chart of skills that we are ready to use in order to help you:

Web applications building

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Websites
  • Intranet applications
  • Applications testing

Internet projects - from documentation to implementation

  • Documentation of requirements
  • Business analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Testing of services usability
  • Projects supervision

Other services related to the Internet

  • www graphics / dtp
  • Website layouts
  • E-marketing campains
  • Marketing materials
  • Market research

We can also help you with other issues.

How can you verify if we are able to help you? The easiest way is to call or write to us. We secure confidentiality, expert support, our know-how and experience.

We appreciate trust -- we approach every customer with motivation, persistence in seeking best solutions and total discretion.

How do we lead projects?

While working on the Internet projects, we pay particular attention to appropriate coordination of each team member's specific job. Every project is created by people. If the cooperation between people is failing, it would negatively affect and reflect on the entire project. We implement in our project teams an appropriate behavior and prevent from undesirable actions.

Things we cherish in projects:

  • The right order
  • Proper work organization
  • Involvement of team members
  • Cooperation and timeliness

We counteract:

  • Conflicts
  • Drastic changes at the implementation stage
  • Delays
  • Disorder