How to build a website?

site content

Your website is a statement about you and the products you offer.

a layout

Only well-presented content will attract customers and generate profits.

Program a webpage

Well written website will work properly on any device and all browsers.

Website content

The most common way of making websites is first preparing its design. Almost all companies start website building with an approach 'let's draw it out first and then write everything down.' In Santri we understand this attitude and do not oppose it if the client wants to follow this route. However we always offer an alternative method which is processing text before planning the page layout.

You can gain many advantages of writing content first and then thinking of their location and proper presentation:

It is easier to adjust graphics of page to the content then the opposite.
Writing texts first, makes work easier at later stages. The structure of the page is automatically created.
By presenting information and content to software companies, you convey the full knowledge of your business. It helps to build a website for your business.
Description for a graphic designer.
A crucial part of building a website is so-called 'Brief' - a document for the graphic designer, which is formed parallel to the creation of the website content.

You do not have to work on website content by yourself. You can outsource writing texts that will be interesting for customers visiting your website. Copywriting services are often used with a very good final effect. It is not advisable for a business owner to describe his products in depth. Too emotional approach (the owner is usually in 150% related to the company emotionally), can lead to the creation of 'sweet and glazed' content. After all, Isn't my company the best in the world? :)

Website layout

Having content, or at least the idea of it, one can start designing the website. Using a brief and knowledge of programming, a graphic designer is able to propose a layout that will attract the attention, encourage reading of the offer and at the same time, and help to gain customers.

And most important, today's Internet sites cannot be done without considering its mobile and tablet version. Responsive Web Design is a standard that must be taken into account.

What kind of website can we offer you?


We'll make a website which you will fall in love with :)

Clear & concise

Your page will be easily readable



Google friendly

The one which will help search engines to index your content

Very well thought out

With proper structure and layout

With a dedicated CMS

Yes, we do not like Wordpress :)

'One man army vs. a pro'

We are often asked by customers if it is worth to manage your website or it is better to outsource it to an IT company. I answer: I enjoy driving my car, but I wouldn't like to repaint it, tune up its engine or change the oil. I would rather have it done in a car shop by a professional mechanic.

The same thing is with a website. Use it, enjoy the effects it brings, but consider if you have the time and the willingness to implement changes?

Applying changes in content, using specially prepared, secured and dedicated CMS makes sense, but changes of the page code on your own for most cases end up with unnecessary stress and possibly more work than it originally required.

Below we list a few advantages that we hope will convince you to the validity of our approach as stated above.

I will outsource it to a pro

I do not like unnecessary stress

  • You do what you know and like, you don't waste your time on gaining knowledge, which you will not use in the future.
  • We guarantee proper operation of your website
  • We work quickly and efficiently. We know what we're doing and we know how to do it best.
  • You can benefit from our experience gained over the years.
  • You save money. Think what you could do instead of making changes to the website.
  • You can be sure that your order will be executed at the highest level of efficiency.
  • You can rest while we work to deliver your best results :)

I'll do it by myself

Fighting is a part of me

  • You're wasting your time to learn something that you will not need in the future
  • Most likely you don't have the ability to test changes on various types of devices, browsers and all operating systems. We have :)
  • You can't be sure if your changes will not have a negative effect on your position in Google search results
  • Even if you have the ability or will gain the knowledge necessary to make changes ... you do not have our years of experience.

Therefore, one of our services is specially prepared support package, in which we offer to take care of your website and to develop it.

Would you like us to build a website which you will fall in love with?

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