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This is a place where you will find the best restaurants, , bars, , interesting places and other'Hypes' in your area. Users can write their recommendations without logging in. There are no advertisements, no commercial promotions of selected places.

Internet users themselves decide what to put on the map and what they want to share with others. Visit Hypepark.pl, put your first Hype and see how easy it is. Hypepark.pl

Mapa główna portalu Hypepark.pl

3 simple rules

Your favorite places

Share them with your friends.

Recommend a nice restaurant

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Simple interface

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Hypepark - 'scientific' project

Hypepark.pl junior portal is the result of our experiences with Google Maps. We think that the best way to learn something new is by example as well as sharing your experience with others. After five minutes of deliberation, we knew that this solution is the best one for us.

The project was not just about getting familiar with Google Maps, but also to learn how to use it well and be able to create within it, things that not only are pretty, but also useful for others. Users' reviews show us that we were able to achieve this. The website is simple, clear, user friendly and eye-catching.

... We obtained satisfaction that in addition to expanding our knowledge; we created something that can benefit other Internet users at the same time :)