What is ISSS 2.0

ISSS 2.0 is a shortcut for Polish name of Internetowy System Sprzedaży Szkoleń. English name of (Internet System for Training Sales)..

As you can guess this is the second version of the system, gradually developed for over three years.

Using the ISSS 2.0 training companies gain professional tool products-isssP7

In addition to this supporting tool, training companies also obtain increased range of their offer, which besides being presented on their corporate website, can also be presented on a dedicated website - isss.pl. isss.pl

Ogranize your training

Using ISSS 2.0 you can easily oirganize your offer. The system will keep an eye on deadlines, training schedules, their descriptions, etc.

Sell the training

Thanks to ISSS 2.0 you will increase your exposure by providing your customers possibility to enroll for training directly on your website, and additionally on the isss.pl

Save time and money

Think how much time you spend updating your offer on a business website. Now imagine that it can take you only15 minutes weekly ... :)

What will you gain?

  • Professional supporting tool for your business
  • Continuously developing and modernized system
  • The advertisement and promotion of your offer on training sales portal
  • Access to training requests, send from the isss.pl portal
  • Time saving and less stress associated with the updates of your offer on the website
  • Always the latest version of the system
  • Simple and intuitive tool
  • A tool for managing your offers online
  • The system, which also guards your training offer as well


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Micro entrepreneur of the year 2014

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How much does it cost?

ISSS 2.0 For training companies


  • Access to Administration Panel 24/7
  • Help and Support via telephone (9-17)
  • Possibility to publish your offer on isss.pl*
  • Our support with integration of your own website**
  • Integration of online payments*
  • Always the latest version of the system
  • Inquiries about training

From scratchto final effects

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