What is Saninvoice?

Saninvoice is the online tool through which you can effortlessly control the invoices and use automatic soft vindication.

Being occupied with work on numerous projects, at some point we started to notice a problem with monitoring invoices and reminding our contractors of their payments. Endless process of checking invoices, sending reminders and payments verification, had been taking too much of our time. We preferred to spend it on other tasks.

With Saninvoice we have already forgotten what the monitoring of invoices was like... However, our server that constantly keeps track of those invoices' due dates, sends the appropriate notifications on our behalf in the following periods:

  • 3 days prior to payment deadline
  • On payment due date
  • 2 days after payment deadline
  • 7 days after payment deadline
  • 14 days after payment deadline
  • 30 days after payment deadline

With the ability to personalize messages, every e-mail can easily be prepared and modified, so that every message sent automatically looks natural. From our experience, we can tell that this kind of soft debt collection is very effective. Additionally, thanks to full automation, Saninvoice system saves a lot of time.

Organize your invoices

Keep your invoices in one place.

Save time and money

With Saninvoice there is no need to remember to monitor your invoice payments

Automation and reliability

Our server doesn't get tired, it is patiently taking care of your financial liquidity working 24/7.